Tesla AI Day

From Theory to Reality, Analyze the Evolution of Tesla Full Self-Driving

From Tesla AI Day

Almost a month ago Tesla hosted Tesla AI Day. In this event, Tesla introduced AI & autopilot completely and in detail for the first time.

As an AI practitioner, especially if you focus on the autonomous driving domain, you should study the first part of Tesla AI Day. A few…

Asynchronous JavaScript Programming

JavaScript, generally speaking, is single-threaded. Due to this “problem”, all Javascript network operations and browser events performance is affected. To fix such problems, browsers allow us to run certain operations asynchronously. …

A glimpse of human work in the post-pandemic era

Morning, wake up, wash my face, eat breakfast, put on my hoodie, take on the coat, carry my computer bag, and say goodbye to my family. …

Jason Zhang

Software Engineer, Kaggle Competitions Expert

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