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Apple M1 ULTRA, Tesla Master Plan Part 3, VSCode Loki Theme

Jason Zhang


Inside This Week Tech

Hi, This week, I will bring you some information from Apple Silicon, Tesla, and my own Loki VSCode theme.


Apple silicon family

At Apple 2022 Spring Event, we saw the latest addition to the Apple silicon family: the M1 Ultra chip. This chip joins two M1 Max die using UltraFusion — a custom-built packaging architecture from Apple.

The M1 Ultra chip brings a 20-core CPU and 64-core GPU with 114 billion transistors. This chip is the most powerful ever in a personal computer.

From Tesla D1 Chip to Apple M1 Ultra, They all use CoWoS(Chip-on-Wafer-on-Substrate) technology provided by TSMC.

CoWos form WikiChip

Advanced Process VS. Advanced Packaging

With the development of chip "advanced process" technology, from 5nm, 3nm to 2nm, the manufacturing of chips is becoming more and more complex, and it is approaching the physical limit. As a result, it is difficult for chip manufacturers to balance wafer yield and cost.

So in the future, "advanced packaging" technology based on mature "advanced process," such as CoWo, CoWoS, InFO, will be as important as advanced process technology. For example, the Apple M1 Ultra chip uses 5nm process technology and CoWoS packaging technology. Tesla D1 chip uses 7nm process technology and InFo_SoW packaging technology.

We will also see more chip products based on advanced packaging technology.

Tesla Master Plan Part 3

This week, Elon tweeted that he thought of the third Master Plan.

What is Tesla Master…