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Jason Zhang
4 min readMay 1


In the era of ChatGPT, evolution is calculated in days. Every day, many disruptive and innovative AI products are born, and some of them will revolutionize the industry they are in. This article will summarize the news of ChatGPT-related products that appeared this week and my personal opinion for my subscribers (Note: this article is not generated by ChatGPTs)


  • OpenAI raises $300M at $27B–29B valuation
  • Turn off chat history
  • ChatGPT with Browsing ALPHA
  • HuggingChat
  • GPT-4 API
  • The Practical Guides for Large Language Models

OpenAI raises $300M at $27B–29B valuation

OpenAI has secured over $300 million from VC firms like Tiger Global and Sequoia Capital, raising its valuation to $27-$29 billion. This is separate from Microsoft’s $10 billion investment earlier this year. The latest funding increases outside investors’ ownership in OpenAI, known for its generative AI services such as ChatGPT and GPT-4, to over 30%.

My opinion

How will OpenAI utilize this investment? I posed this question to New Bing Chat (Which can be regarded as an online version of ChatGPT).

This answer is a bit boring. For me, I would prefer this investment to be directed towards removing the limitation of “GPT-4 currently has a cap of 25 messages every 3 hours.” and improving ChatGPT’s SLA(Service Level Agreement).

Turn off chat history

In response to questions about ChatGPT’s security and privacy concerns, this week OpenAI launched new ways to manage your data in ChatGPT. You can turn off chat history in ChatGPT.



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