ChatGPT Weekly News: E2

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Jason Zhang
4 min readApr 17


In the era of ChatGPT, evolution is calculated in days. Every day, many disruptive and innovative AI products are born, and some of them will revolutionize the industry they are in. This article will summarize the news of ChatGPT-related products that appeared this week and my personal opinion for my subscribers (Note: this article is not generated by ChatGPTs)


  • Auto-GPT: An Autonomous GPT-4 experiment
  • Free Amazon CodeWhisperer: Free GitHub Copilot-like AI by Amazon
  • Free Claude in Slack: No need for a waitlist, use Claude immediately in your Slack.
  • Deep Speed Chat: open-source, chatGPT-like Model by Microsoft
  • X.AI: Elon Musk’s New AI Company


fight fire with fire

Though the ChatGPT plugins have yet to be officially released, we now possess a more potent tool — autonomous GPT-4.

Auto-GPT, a trailblazing open-source endeavor, empowers you to convert GPT-4 into a self-governing GPT-4 application. Presently, it ranks as the most popular repository on Github, revolutionizing the AI landscape!
It is edging us ever closer to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

For those unacquainted with programming, there exist web-based variants of Auto-GPT, offering similar foundational capabilities.

My opinion:

Now, Your sole concern lies in ascertaining ample funds.

Beholding “Cool Demos” of Auto-GPT as it disassembly problems, searches resources using Google…



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