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In 2020, although the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted people’s activities and hinders our development, in technology, people continue to move forward with difficulty and even achieve many amazing results.

As of 2021, with economic recovery and widely vaccinated, we still have to look forward to human science and technology. These four technology trends deserve our attention.

1. GPT-n & Alpha-X

On June 11, 2020, OpenAI released an autoregressive language model -Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3(GPT-3). Even though this API is still a beta, there are lots of amazing applications using GPT-3.

You can click the link above to review these applications with GPT-3. We believe there will be more applications and maturity products using GPT-3 and later GPT-n in 2021. These APIs with magic will surely inspire us more. Especially in real-time translation, automatic code completion, program generation, and text generation. …

Coding anywhere, anytime, training in the air

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In a warm winter sun, you sit at a cafe by the lake, open a browser on your laptop, log in the “notebook” in the cloud, type in a deep learning model you designed, press Run All, and continue to enjoy the breath-taking natural beauty in front of you. After a while, finish your coffee, the training results are already stored in your cloud account. The cloud-based deep learning notebooks allow you to have powerful computing power anytime, anywhere.

In 2021, there are 3 proven platforms that can bring you the above experience. They are all cloud solutions based on Jupyter notebook. …

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Created by the author

When we finish writing a piece of Python code, it often does not run well normally. That’s when we need to debug the code. Although most IDEs provide support for code debugging, we will talk about 4 fundamental python debugging methods in this article.

1. Print( )

The simplest and most common debugging method is to use print() statements to print out the suspect variable in the terminal. Almost all programming languages can use print statement to debug.

Please see the following code:

After the code runs, check the values of the variable printed out in the terminal to find out the reason for the error — division by zero. …

I tested two of the hottest AI code assistant in 2020

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Kite VS. TabNine

Imagine that when you use a development tool to program, you only need to enter one or two letters, and the tool will auto-generate the following code for you. It sounds like a kind of magic. In recent years, with the development of deep learning, there is no longer a kind of science fiction, and some development tools have already the prototype of such.

From 2019 to 2020, two popular AI Code Autocomplete, TabNine and Kite, came to my attention. After a period of use, I decided to do a brief review of them to evaluate which one is more suitable for me. …

Let the program help you make money

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Photo by André François McKenzie on Unsplash

Disclaimer: This article is for education purposes only. I am only sharing my opinions with no guarantee of gains or losses. Your investments are solely your own responsibility. It is very important for you to conduct your own research or consult a financial adviser before you make any investment decisions.

As of this writing, Bitcoin price has crossed $19,000 and is expected to hit $20,000 in its 12-year history high by the end of 2020.

Create a Deep learning VM instance in Google Cloud Platform, install and set up Jupyter Notebook, and the Nvidia CUDA toolkit.

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Photo by on Unsplash

Google Cloud Platform provides us with a wealth of resources to support data science, deep learning, and AI projects. Now all we need to care about is how to design and train models, and the platform manages the rest tasks.

In current pandemic environment, the entire process of an AI project from design, coding to deployment, can be done remotely on the Cloud Platform.

I will demonstrate how to use Google Cloud Platform with GPU to build a deep learning environment from below four steps:

  1. Create a VM instance with GPU
  2. Set up Networking
  3. Install Juypter Notebook
  4. Install Nvidia CUDA

Step 1: Create and Starting a VM instance

IMPORTANT: If you get the following notification when you create a VM that contains GPUs. …

Use Google Cloud and TPU to Build a Deep Learning Environment

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Photo by Rajeshwar Bachu on Unsplash

By 2020, various deep learning models such as Transformer, BERT, and GPT-series make AI become smarter and smarter, using them can achieve many incredible tasks. On the hardware, Google launched Cloud TPU allows programmers to train these “Big” models at a reasonable cost.

In this article, I share how I built a Deep learning environment using Google Cloud Platform and Cloud TPU. And I also demonstrate running a BERT model task with this environment.

There are four parts in this article:

Part 1. Create a Deep Learning VM using the Google Cloud Console

Part 2. Create a Deep Learning VM using the command-line…

I uninstalled over 40 VS Code extensions in 2020, leaving only these 4.

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Visual Studio Code extension 2020

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a lightweight but powerful source code editor that is one of the most popular development tools among programmers.

In the last few years, I’ve mainly using VS Code to write python code, Javascript code, and markdown format documents.

As with other IDEs I’ve used with plug-in features, I like to install various plug-ins. This year, I noticed that I’ve installed over 40 extensions on my VS Code.

While these extensions gave me a novel experience, they also slowed down my VS Code and made the interface confusing. …

5 Types of Function in JavaScript

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Photo by Nathan da Silva on Unsplash

As of ECMAScript2020, JavaScript Functions and function-related knowledge have formed a complex Functions Family. In this article, we will discuss JavaScript functions.


There are two ways to define functions using function keyword: function statement and function expression.



Starting with ECMAScript 2015, a shorter syntax for method definitions on objects initializers is introduced.

function* statement and function* expression

The constructor method is a special method of a class for creating and initializing an object of that class.

For ordinary scenarios, these types of functions aren’t fundamentally different. The only little different is this keyword.

“this” keyword in functions

The same function will get different values for this depending on how it is called. …


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