This article will share some advanced pandas techniques I used in data analysis and machine learning tasks.


  • groupby() + agg(), apply(), transform() and its Practically Scenario and Performance Comparison
  • Combing data: merge(),concat(),join(),append()

Source Data: train.csv, a fake car sales data I generated with a python code.

Tabnine, IntelliCode, IntelliSense, and GitHub Coilpot

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Recently GitHub released an AI pair programmer — GitHub Copilot. It is available first as a Visual Studio Code(VS Code) extension. For us, you still need to submit an application now and be invited before you can try it.

This news prompted me to review the available smart or AI programming tools. From this, we can observe what capabilities these tools provide and whether they are actually helpful to our daily programming work.

I am mainly going to test the Visual Studio Code extensions of IntelliSense, IntelliCode, aiXcoder, Kite, and Tabnine. The code used in the test is a python…


WWDC21, Tesla Model S Plaid, Apple Car Rumors, Jeff Bezos & Blue Origin

Hi everyone, I’m here again. Let's take a look at what’s new in technology this week.



Building your own blog fastly, simply and powerful

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From handcrafted HTML to Wordpress, to site generator, personal blogs (or personal websites) are also from static sites (HTML + CSS), through dynamic sites (PHP + MySQL), to static sites(markdown + site generator).

If you want to have a blog of your own, using the site generator is a better choice. This article will recommend you 4 useful site generators, which have been pick and choose by me.

There are many site generators here, and I picked these 4 generators from two main factors: platform and usability.


InsideThisWeekTech May22-29, 2021

WWDC21, Tesla removal radar, Google ML Summit, Airbnb 100+ Upgrades, Twitter Blue



What does Tesla really want to do

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Some say Tesla is Apple in the EV industry. This comparison is completely wrong. Tesla is not Apple. Tesla is Android, Tesla is Ford.

The Stroy of iPhone and Android

Python examples to implement Monte Carlo Method

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Last week, Ark Investment Management, managing a suite of exchange-traded funds(ETFs) of the moment, released the latest Tesla research report, in which Ark estimates that Tesla’s share price could approach $3,000 in 2025, up from its current price of $611.

In the past few days, this report has become a trending topic on social media. I took an interest in the Monte Carlo model mentioned in it.

To arrive at this forecast, ARK used a Monte Carlo model with 34 inputs, the high and low forecasts incorporating 40,000 possible simulations.

The Monte Carlo method, or Monte Carlo simulation, is a…

How to handle time, DateTime, calendar in Python

When we use Python language to develop machine learning, deep learning, quantitative trading, web applications, we often need to process time: time transformation, time calculation, etc. This article will explain in detail the functions and tips related to time and date in the Python language.

Timestamp, Unix Timestamp

In computers, the files or database records contain timestamps that tell when the file or record was created or last modified.

Created by programmers as memorable magic numbers

As a programmer, I intend to share interesting technical trivia with you. If you are not a developer, I hope this trivia will make you interested in coding and let you understand these programmers from another side.

Last night, I was going to play the game Plants vs. Zombies 2(PvZ2) on my iPhone. After I pressed the game icon, it froze at the launch screen, a few moments later, the app just crashed. I suddenly remembered a trivia knowledge about iOS from one tweet. …

A very powerful and useful tool in Python

In Python, you can use a function or class to implement decorators to modify the behavior of the function through a wrapper so we don’t have to actually modify the function.

The scenarios for using decorators include loggings, performance testing, transaction processing, caching, permission verification, etc. Decorators are an excellent design to solve such problems.

Our Goal

Through a simple example, to explain why we want to…

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