Programming with ChatGPT Series

24 Hours ChatGPT · S1, E1

From ideas to working prototypes, utilizing ChatGPT takes a mere 24 hours

Jason Zhang
6 min readMar 22

Programming with ChatGPT Series: A collection of stories detailing my journey in harnessing the power of ChatGPT to assist in my programming and sharing how AI has been revolutionizing both my work and personal life.

As a user of the ChatGPT API and New Bing, I was thrilled to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus with the launch of ChatGPT-4. I was eager to optimize my use of this powerful AI tool and began my research by reading articles and participating in Twitter discussions about ChatGPT. I also created a comprehensive collection of reference materials in Notion.

Idea - 05:00

While exploring the ‘awsome-chatgpt-prompts’ GitHub repository, I discovered the ChatGPT Prompts Generator App. However, I preferred not to install applications on my Mac and instead wanted to use the original ChatGPT. This led me to consider whether there was a Chrome extension that utilized this prompts library. To my disappointment, I could not find a suitable extension.

This morning (05:00), when I rethink this extension, it sparked an idea:

“Why not develop such an extension myself?”

“But you lack Chrome extension development skills,”

“No matter, I have ChatGPT at my disposal.”

I decided to use ChatGPT to assist me in the development of this new extension.

Start From Requirements to Code — 07:00

I started my project by tasking ChatGPT to act as an experienced software engineer and outline the requirements for my desired Chrome extension. I was determined to provide comprehensive specifications, knowing that changing requirements can often cause difficulties for programmers. However, I was pleasantly surprised by ChatGPT’s ability to handle modifications with ease, as I would soon discover in my journey.



Jason Zhang

Software Engineer, Kaggle Competitions Expert